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Fan Futsal - SSTVN Picks - THE FINALS

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By: D.J. Fluck

Updated: Apr 07, 2018

Fan Futsal - SSTVN Picks - THE FINALS

Dave Knittel of Bros Talking Soccer and The Soccer Tavern was disappointed with the fantasy soccer options and the confusing scoring system so he set out to create a simplified fantasy soccer game with team-based picks and simple scoring. It's very fun to play and it's much easier to keep score compared to those other fantasy soccer sites.

Drop what you are doing and head over to Fan Futsal and sign up today!

Semi-Final Results

Semi-Final 1

  • D.J. Fluck 64  - Kate Thompson 54

Semi-Final 2

  • Christian Knittel 79 - Mark Lawson 71

The Finals

  • D.J. Fluck vs Christian Knittel

It's not surprising as D.J. and Christian dominated their respective groups and have both been perfect up until this point.  Except, one of them will go down in the tournament finals and the other will be celebrating as the champion of the first ever Stadium Scene.TV Fan Futsal Tournament!

The Soccer Experts on the Stadium Scene TV Network have put together their Premier League Team picks for this week:

D.J. Fluck Stadium Scene.TV Co-Editor-In-Chief

  • Arsenal (ST)
  • Tottenham Hotspur (ST)
  • Burnley (MD)
  • Swansea City (DF)
  • Leicester City (GK)

Christian Knittel Bros Talking Soccer Co-Host

  • Picks Unavailable


The following have been eliminated from playoff contention:

  • Martin Frazier - Loud Americans Discussing Soccer
  • Dave Knittel - Bros Talking Soccer
  • Matt Knittel - Bros Talking Soccer
  • Kevin Pettit - Loud Americans Discussing Soccer
  • Kate Thompson - Stadium Scene.TV
  • Mark Lawson - Game Day Tourist

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