Why I am Not Watching Super Bowl LIII

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By: Kate Thompson

Updated: Feb 03, 2019

Why I am Not Watching Super Bowl LIII

Today, football fans throughout the United States are going to be sitting down to watch Super Bowl LIII. However, I will not be among them. I will not be partaking in game day snacks or clearing out my schedule to watch the commercials and half time show. The Super Bowl does not have the magic anymore. I noticed my interest starting to decline as the years go on. Here are my reasons why my interest has decreased in the Super Bowl.

  1. The scandals and controversies surrounding the Super Bowl. I took a look at the Super Bowls from 2009 until this year and only found 2 without major controversy. 
  • 2009 - The Tucson Tampering - Viewers in the Tucson area viewed more than they bargained for during this Super Bowl when an external person tampered with the feed and played approximately 40 seconds of adult material during the game. 
  • 2010 - Bounty Gate - It came out that there was a slush fund that payed players on the New Orleans Saints to deliberately violate the NFL rules and hurt opponents so they would be out of the game.
  • 2011 - Spectator Issues - 3000 fans almost lost their opportunity to see the 2011 Super Bowl after ice fell a week before the game in East Plaza injuring 4 people. However, the ice melted and East Plaza was open for spectating during the game. Among those 3000 were 400 extremely disappointed fans who did not have their in stadium seats ready prior to the game. A total of 1250 seats were not inspected prior to kick-off and only 850 seats were found in the stadium to relocate those fans. This ended with disappointment for 400 fans and a lawsuit. 
  • 2012 - Half Time Bird - The half time show is not immune to its share of controversies. Who doesn’t remember the Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction. While this years controversy didn’t reach that level, the problem here was that the censors didn’t pick up the issue before it got aired. M.I.A. gave the middle finger to the camera during the half time show for all viewers to see.
  • 2013 - Blackout Bowl - This year started with an innocent controversy, it was supposed to be the brother bowl when Jim and John Harbaugh coached against each other. However, that was outshined, or should we say blacked out, once the power went out during the third quarter putting a pause to the game. 
  • 2014 - The Good Year - I searched far and wide on the internet and found no controversies or scandals surrounding 2014. If you know of one - Tweet us @stadiumscene and let us know!
  • 2015 - Deflate Gate - Who can forget the deflate gate scandal that left Tom Brady out of part of the 2016 season. While the deflated balls didn’t occur in the Super Bowl, they were found in the play-offs potentially giving the Patriots an advantage to make their way to the game. In addition, short selling practices were driving the ticket pricing up to 5 digit prices, upsetting many fans.
  • 2016 - Turf Problems - It is reported that turf problems plagued this game even though the field was redone. Players were slipping on the field and needed to change cleats throughout the game. 
  • 2017 - Prop 1 and Uber - First, the owner of the Houston Texans gave money support against proposition 1 which was an anti-discrimination ordinance. Second, the city of Houston almost ran Uber out of the city due to overly complicated background checks. Houston ended up giving Uber an extension until after the Super Bowl to keep them around to transport fans. 
  • 2018 - The Second Good Year - I searched again on the internet and found no controversies or scandals surrounding 2018. If you know of one - Tweet us @stadiumscene and let us know!
  • 2019 - Rihanna’s Denial - The game hasn’t even started and there is already a controversy. Maroon 5 will be the Halftime headliner but they weren’t the first pick. Rihanna was the original offer and turned it down due to the kneeling controversy. Pink also turned down the role. Maroon 5 struggled with finding guest artists with many performers told them no. 

2. The lack of variety in the teams playing in the Super Bowl is my second reason to not watch this year. Today there are 32 teams in the NFL. During 2009-2019 seasons, only 15 of the 32 teams have made it to the Super Bowl. The Patriots lead the number of times in that span with 5 times in the Super Bowl. The Steelers, Seahawks, and Broncos all come in at 2 visits to the Super Bowl. Coming in at 1 time in the Super Bowl during the 2009-2019 seasons are: Rams, Eagles, Falcons, Panthers, Ravens, 49ers, Giants, Packers, Saints, Colts, and Cardinals. Other leagues have rules that force champion teams to break up some power house partnerships giving other teams a shot at winning. Based on the Patriots number of visits, it doesn’t seem like the NFL is doing the same. 

3. With YouTube and other video viewing services, there is no longer a need to just tune in to the game just to watch the new commercials. More and more, companies are having them shown weeks before the game and you can always just watch them on YouTube. 

4. I am a millennial who cut the cable cord. While there are plenty of options on how to view the game, I am currently not using any service. I could go to the friend’s place or to the bar, but based on the previous three reasons, I can’t justify the cost of going to the bar or bringing food to a friend’s house. 

These are the 4 main reasons I am not watching the Super Bowl this year. Don’t get me wrong, I know scandals and controversies can drive viewership, but at some point it seems almost intentional. Who knows, maybe it is at this point. As a fan, I am fed up with them. One person boycotting the Super Bowl is not going to make a change, which is why I am sharing what I have found and letting you, our reader, make your own opinion on the matter. If you have information that can help me get my interest back into the Super Bowl, please contact us on social media. I would love to hear from you! 


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