The Perfect Baseball Blanket

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By: Kate Thompson

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The Perfect Baseball Blanket
I grew up in a house where I was a Cubs fan and my brother was a White Sox fan. Here in Chicago, having split team families happen. My parents never claimed to support one side of the other to prevent arguments. A couple of years ago, I made my brother a fleece tie blanket with White Sox symbols all over it and I swear he never left home without it. Now fast forward to present day, my brother got a puppy. Turns out not only is she cute, SHE IS A CUBS FAN!                

Isn't she adorable??!!!

Being a Cubs fan, she did not like having to cuddle with her owner under a White Sox blanket. To fix that, she chewed a baseball-sized hole through the blanket. Being the awesome sister I am, I decided to make my brother a new White Sox blanket. The reason I love fleece tie blankets is that they can be customized. They can be as long as you want, any colors you want, and with so many patterns out there, any design you want. They are also super easy to make. I made mine in an afternoon. Now you can too!  

The How


My Supplies

What you need:

  • Two pieces of fleece
  • Fabric scissors
  • Ruler (optional)
You will note that I don't give you an exact length of fabric. My brother is over 6 ft tall so I got my fabric extra long at 2.5 yards. For myself, at 5 ft 9 in tall, I go with 2 yards. When making your selection for length, make sure to account for 8 inches being used up for the ties.

The How:

1. Lay out both pieces of fabric and match up the edges. Trim them if necessary


My fabric laid out

2. Pick any corner and remove a 4-inch x 4-inch section of fabric.

3. From that corner start cutting 1-inch x 4-inch strips in either direction.


Steps Two and Three

4. Continue cutting strips until you reach 4-inch from the end of the fabric.

5. Remove the 4-inch by 4-inch corner again.

6. Continue cutting strips.

7. Repeat steps 4-6 until you return to the original corner.

8. Work your way around the blanket double knotting each set of strips.

One thing I did to make my life easier was every ten or so strips, I would tie a knot. This helped prevent future issues with tieing the wrong pieces of fleece together. I also mentioned the ruler as an optional tool. Most people can eyeball the dimensions, but I am a perfectionist and I measured it out.

The Final Product


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