Kate's Top 5 Pregame Meals

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Updated: Jul 12, 2017

Kate's Top 5 Pregame Meals

With game times around 7 or middle of the afternoon, I typically want to find a way to the game early. This could be due to several reasons, ranging from leaving early in case of rush hour traffic when driving or train schedules that don't match up with the game time when using public transit. The time I have to waste before the game happens to land near a meal time. So I end up grabbing something to eat. Now I will admit I can be a picky eater. I mean my significant other made me breakfast this week but included mushrooms. Let's just say they are still in the fridge waiting to be eaten. As you can guess, I do not like mushrooms. So what do I eat before the game?

1. Sandwiches

If I find myself in Wrigleyville, you are most likely to find me at Lucky's Sandwich Company enjoying one of their delicious sandwiches. I find that sandwiches are filling and I don't ned anything more to eat during or after the game. That is a major plus in my book.

Source: Kim per Creative Commons

2. Game Food

Concession prices at stadiums can be outrageous to the unexpecting. When I am thinking game food, I typically go for a hot dog or brat with all the fixings, except ketchup as that belongs nowhere near either of those items. I will admit game food fare does change by region but you can always bet on those being everywhere. Stopping by the hot dog stand or a food truck outside the stadium will give you a great bite to eat without taking a huge chunk out of your wallet.

Source: Stadium Scene Staff

3. Nachos

I am a sucker for nachos. These are another game day food I love to indulge in. I will admit that I have seen crazy prices in the past that have made me walk away. I can promise you that no portion of nachos should come out to over $20. I once tried to get some nachos at the game and walked away because they were charging $22 for it. For quality nachos, I recommend checking outside the stadium. Look at these nachos that I purchased at The Odgen.  They were delicious and a reasonable price.

Source: Stadium Scene Staff

4. Local Fare

If I am traveling to an away game or just to check out a stadium, I tend to try the local fare. I have never been pointed in the wrong direction. When I was in San Diego checking out Petco Park, I stopped by Werewolf for a meal. I was not in the mood for typical game day eats so I asked the bartender what his favorite local dish was. He directed me to the bowls and I loved every bite of it. It even looks delicious. When it comes to eating local food and needing guidance, I have never gone wrong explaining what I like and asking the person helping me what I should get.


Source: Stadium Scene Staff

5. Burgers

Yes, burgers are fifth on my list. While I always can go for a good quality burger, I have gotten enough that reminds me more of cafeteria food than quality when flying blind. However, if you want a burger, I recommend you check out the Stadium Scene page for the stadium your going to and picking a place we recommend. It will guide you to delightful burgers that will not be a letdown.

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