Five Best Ways to Entertain Yourself During a Flight Delay

One thing the Stadium Scene editors and partners know are airports. We travel to explore and cheer on our teams. Another thing we know is delays. No matter how experienced a traveler you are, you may still get stuck by one. Here are my top 5 ways of entertaining myself!  

  1. Check out the airport. Did you know that O'Hare in Chicago has dinosaur bones in terminal B? How about that Loves Field in Dallas has a mini art gallery? These are great sources of entertainment for shorter delays.
  2. Yoga or Stretching! More and more airports are creating yoga areas and they are great for loosening up. One trip I took in 2017 got diverted to Sioux Falls Regional Airport in South Dakota. We didn't know how long we would be there and I was definitely unprepared.  While wandering around, I found a yoga corner with mats and diagrams. It was great to relax and stretch before boarding the plane again.
  3. Grabbing a snack and people watch. I tend to want light snacks before  flying and the little snack stands throughout the airport only have fruit most of the time. However, with a bit of research or exploring I tend to find a sit down place with options that meet my needs. I like to sit by the outer part of the restaurant that is open to the terminal because it gives me a great opportunity to people watch. Honestly, you never know who might walk by.
  4. Check out the stores or window shop. I collect magnets from each state I've been to. My goal is to get every state. I find the best magnets at the airport so I tend to stop in there. But in addition,  a lot of airports have specialty stores. I find it interesting to see what some people may buy at the airport.
  5. My final suggestion is for when you are completely drained and just want to chill at your gate. I always keep one extra movie or show on my tablet to watch. Now that services offer download options, I plan my flight viewing and then some. Just make sure you have a charger or battery pack available to recharge before your flight.
  Happy Travels!


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