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Join Bob Matthews of not just for coverage of the Washington Capitals, but also the WFT and more. Your home for what's going on in the DMV.

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THEY. ARE. BACK!!! Podcast 2024/04/20
A FIght to the Finnish Podcast 2024/04/14
The Playoff Push Podcast 2024/03/29
History in the Making? Podcast 2024/03/22
Trade Deadline News Podcast 2024/03/09
Play Gloria? Podcast 2024/02/23
So Much for the All Star Break Podcast 2024/02/07
Is th Party Over? Podcast 2024/01/31
Skating on the Edge Podcast 2024/01/17
An Important Stretch Podcast 2024/01/10
The Philly Dog Returns! Podcast 2023/12/29
A Big Debut Podcast 2023/12/22
Caps Starting to Jell? Podcast 2023/12/12
November Heater Podcast 2023/11/22
It's Rooster Time! Podcast 2023/11/16
Victory Formation Wednesday Podcast 2023/11/09
Breaking Backstrom News Podcast 2023/11/02
Existential Crisis Monday.... but is it really? Podcast 2023/10/30
Week One Caps Recap Podcast 2023/10/18
The Time for Calm is Over Podcast 2023/10/10
You Need to Calm Down Podcast 2023/09/27
Action Jackson Podcast 2023/09/20
Victory Formation Monday Podcast 2023/09/18
Rocky Mountain High Preview Podcast 2023/09/13
Victory Formation Monday Podcast 2023/09/11
Preseaon Notes Podcast 2023/08/23
A New Day Podcast 2023/07/21
Draft Day Recap Podcast 2023/07/01
Woth the Wait-Take Two Podcast 2023/06/08
Worth the Wait Podcast 2023/06/08
Commanders Sale Postmortem Podcast 2023/05/15
It's Officially Un-official Podcast 2023/04/18
Standing on a Corner in Scottsdale, Arizona Podcast 2023/03/31
A WIld the Twitterverse Podcast 2023/03/20
The Final Stretch Podcast 2023/03/11
Trade Deadline News Podcast 2023/03/02
A New Sheriff in Town Podcast 2023/02/23
When a Slump Becomes a Problem Podcast 2023/02/17
A Tradition Unlike Any Other... In Hockey, At Least Podcast 2023/02/11
It's Senior Bowl Week Podcast 2023/02/05
Just Who Are These Guys? Podcast 2023/01/30
For Whom the Pell Tolls: New Year Edition Podcast 2023/01/20
Commanders Roll the Dice, and Crap Out Podcast 2023/01/02
Hangin' with Cam Cheeseman Podcast 2022/12/23
We Need to Talk About QB1 Podcast 2022/12/20
For Whom the Pell Tolls: The Great 800 Edition Podcast 2022/12/14
Commanders Find A (Ridge)Way. Podcast 2022/12/02
Victory Formation Monday, the 6-5 Edition Podcast 2022/11/21
All Aboard the YOLO Express Podcast 2022/11/15
It's Always Sonny when Milano Scores Podcast 2022/11/13
Existential Crisis Monday Podcast 2022/11/07
Jeff Bezos, Come on Down. Podcast 2022/11/02
Victory Formation Monday Podcast 2022/10/24
A Seismic Shift Podcast 2022/10/19
The Dichotomy of DMV Sports Podcast 2022/10/10
Here's to You Mr. Robinson Podcast 2022/10/05
Meet The New Boss... Same As The Old Boss Podcast 2022/10/03
Eagles Preview Podcast 2022/09/23
Detroit Rock City Podcast 2022/09/19
Film Room Podcast 2022/09/14
Victory Formation Monday Podcast 2022/09/12
Kickoff Special Podcast 2022/09/07
Yeah, That Wasn't Good Podcast 2022/08/21
The Training Camp Grind Podcast 2022/08/17
Panthers Post Podcast 2022/08/14
Fed Ex Dress Rehearsal Podcast 2022/08/07
There is a Plan Podcast 2022/08/03
Training Camp is back... And so are we. Podcast 2022/07/31
Mini Camp Diaries Podcast 2022/06/15
Del Rio Fall Out Podcast 2022/06/09
First Day of OTA's Podcast 2022/05/25
For Whom the Pell Tolls Podcast 2022/05/10
Game One Recap Podcast 2022/05/04
Draft Day Podcast 2022/04/28
As The World Turns, In Ashburn Podcast 2022/04/13
Caps Swoon and Commanders News Podcast 2022/04/05
Homecoming Podcast 2022/03/22
Flipping the Switch Podcast 2022/03/18
Free Agent Frenzy Podcast 2022/03/15
The West Coast and the Commanderlorian Podcast 2022/03/12
For Whom the Pell Tolls Podcast 2022/03/01
Philly is not the City of Brotherly Love Podcast 2022/02/27
Hathaway to the Rescue Podcast 2022/02/18
Welcome To The Grind Podcast 2022/02/16
First Week of Feb. Podcast 2022/02/01
It's a Grind Podcast 2022/01/25
Existential Crisis Monday (again) Podcast 2022/01/04
Life in the Time of Covid Podcast 2021/12/20
Cowboys Rewind Podcast 2021/12/13
For Whom the Pell Tolls Podcast 2021/12/07
All Aboard the Hype Train Podcast 2021/12/05
Lavi's Not Happy Podcast 2021/12/02
West Coast Trip Part 1 Podcast 2021/11/18
Victory Formation Monday Podcast 2021/11/15
Detroit Rock City Podcast 2021/11/12
We're Back!! Podcast 2021/11/08
Rocky Mountain Low Podcast 2021/11/01
A Wild Night in Ottawa Podcast 2021/10/26