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Location: Nashville, TN, USA

About Us: Laces or Faces is an NFL football podcast about the culture featuring two dudes who follow Adam Schefter on Twitter. They watch a lot of football, read tons of internet and share their un-journalistic takes on the greatest sport in America.

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All or Nothing Carolina Panthers Preview + The Lion King NFL Edition Podcast 2019/07/17
All or Nothing Carolina Panthers Preview + The Lion King NFL Edition Podcast 2019/07/17
Super Bowl Prop Bet Extravaganza + The AAF Podcast 2019/02/01
Tom Brady Isn't Hot Podcast 2019/01/24
Drew Brees Turns 40 + Super Bowl Kaepernick Halftime Podcast 2019/01/18
Sign Us To A Record Deal Podcast 2019/01/09
Antonio Brown's Ego, Wildcard Weekend & Hard Knocks 2019 Podcast 2019/01/04
Tom Delonge + NFL Week 17 Picks Podcast 2018/12/29
AFC - NFC Pro Bowl + Our West Episode Yet Podcast 2018/12/21
The Miami Miracle, Steelers Suck and Home Alone Podcast 2018/12/13
The Miami Miracle, Steelers Suck and Home Alone Podcast 2018/12/13
NFL Week 14 Picks with Mr. Metallica Podcast 2018/12/07
Brett Favre & Cameo + What Christmas Movie Is Your Team and #BillsMafia Member @DickDeGroat Podcast 2018/12/06
XFL Cities vs AAF + Kelvin Benjamin and The Falcons Get Blasted Podcast 2018/12/06
Kareem Hunt Video & NFL Week 13 Picks Podcast 2018/12/01
Mark Sanchez or Colin Kaepernick? + NFL Week 12 Picks (Slow Jammed) Podcast 2018/11/21
NFL Week 11 Picks Slow Jammed and Jalen Ramsey is the new Josh Norman Podcast 2018/11/16
Fortnite + NFL Collab, NFC West Gets Haircuts & we on Le'Veon Bell Watch Podcast 2018/11/08
Tom Brady Calls Out Bills Mafia Member of the week @novahustle Podcast 2018/10/27
Tony Romo Takes + Cringey Commentating Week 7 Podcast 2018/10/26
Andy Dalton's Eyebrows + Week 8 Uneducated Picks Podcast 2018/10/25
What Halloween Candy is Your Team? : NFC South Edition Podcast 2018/10/24
What High School Stereotype is Your Team? : AFC East Edition Podcast 2018/10/22
Laces or Faces NFL Week 6 Podcast 2018/10/20
Devon Cajuste, The Anchorage Chargers & Bills Mafia Member of the Week Podcast 2018/10/19
Cringey Commentating NFL Week 6 Podcast 2018/10/18
#BLASTED: Titans, Burfict, MNF Halftime & Mcgregor + Dad Bod Zach Podcast 2018/10/18
We're Hiring An Intern... Podcast 2018/10/16
What Band is Your NFL Team? : NFC East Edition Podcast 2018/10/15
Cringey Commentating NFL Week 5 Podcast 2018/10/14
Peyton Manning Goes in On Drew Brees + What's in Antonio Browns Apartment? Podcast 2018/10/11
Earl Thomas Middle Finger Mystery Solved. Podcast 2018/10/03
Where is Roger Goodell and is the Fitzmagic Running Out? Podcast 2018/09/25
Ticketmaster Scalper Convention, Maroon 5 & #EmbraceTrolls Podcast 2018/09/20
Aaron Rodgers + Drugs, Fitzmagic & Dez the Twitter Troll Podcast 2018/09/11
Hard Knocks, Kaepernick Nike Memes, & Cheerleaders Podcast 2018/09/06
Laces or Faces Ep 10 - Cocaine, Injuries and Sexism Podcast 2017/10/11
Faces Ep 9 - The Juice is Loose Podcast 2017/10/05
Everybody Wants to Kneel the World Podcast 2017/09/30
Custom Cleats & Dancing w/ Marshawn Podcast 2017/09/22
Laces or Faces Ep 6 - Calling Gruden & $6 Rams Tickets Podcast 2017/09/16