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About Us: It's a Sports Podcast. My guests and I tell it like it is. We criticize, we praise, we discuss, etc. Point is we talk sports and we stay as professional as possible. And we stay objective. We're not afraid to speak our minds, but we do maintain evidence to back our words. The Bear of Texas Podcast is dedicated to giving you a great listen! Our goal is to make it interesting and just tell the truth in a very realistic way. It's like I said...we tell it like it is!




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Italy's disappointing performance ???? Video 2024/07/01
Gareth Southgate's Job Security Video 2024/07/01
England's Hero: Jude Bellingham saves The Three Lions Video 2024/07/01
Euro 2024: Switzerland advances, Italy is OUT! Video 2024/07/01
Euro 2024: Germany advances, Denmark is OUT! Video 2024/07/01
Terrifying Tales of the Catacombs of Paris, France Video 2024/06/05
Remembering Larry Allen: One of the NFL's all-time greatest Video 2024/06/04
Kylian Mbappé officially joins Real Madrid! Video 2024/06/04
Dallas Mavericks' NBA Title Hopes: Against All Predictions Video 2024/06/03
Epic GTA V Prank: Trevor Takes Michael's Car Video 2024/06/01
Champions League Final: Real Madrid vs Borussia Dortmund Face Off Video 2024/05/09
UCL Final Four: INTENSE Intensity! Video 2024/05/03
WWE Backlash France: Match Card, Predictions, & More! Video 2024/05/02
Dallas NFL Draft Fallout & Ezekiel Elliott's Return Analysis Video 2024/05/02
Faith Over Fear: Psalm 37:5 Encouragement Video 2024/05/02
Nail-Biting Finish: Chelsea Stuns Manchester United in Last Moments Video 2024/04/05
My baptism! 3-31-24! ?????? Video 2024/04/05
WrestleMania 40 Match Card Breakdown! Video 2024/04/05
All In: Texans Make Power Move with Stefon Diggs Video 2024/04/04
The Astros are 0-4 - Houston, do we have a problem? Video 2024/04/02
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Walkthrough - Chapter 1 - Merchant Row Video 2024/03/02
Paul Pogba's inconsistency is and has been the problem! Video 2024/03/02
Star Wars: Bounty Hunter Walkthrough - Chapter 1 - Pit Fight Arena Video 2024/03/01
Paul Pogba's career is over. Suspension or not, his career was already done. #paulpogba Video 2024/03/01
Paul Pogba Suspended Four Years for Doping Video 2024/03/01
My LEGO R2-D2! Came from a Galaxy far, far away! Video 2024/02/06
A Tour of My WCW Toy Car Collection! Video 2024/02/06
Premier League Matchday 23: The Surprising Winners and Losers Video 2024/02/05
Desire Fulfilled: Dan Quinn's Career Leap from Dallas to Washington Video 2024/02/03
CM Punk's injury: The devastating blow to WrestleMania 40 Video 2024/02/03
Florida State's Fateful Orange Bowl: A Tale of Inevitable Defeat Video 2024/01/02
AEW Worlds End - The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly Video 2024/01/02
Controversy and Drama: The Marred Ending of Dallas vs Detroit Video 2024/01/02
Peach Bowl's entertaining clash: Ole Miss vs Penn State Video 2024/01/01
A Dark Day for Ohio State: A Tale of Humiliation at the Cotton Bowl Classic Video 2024/01/01
Hanging out! Video 2023/12/05
What If...The New World Order and The Hart Foundation Went Head-to-Head? Video 2023/12/05
Manchester City vs Tottenham: Erling Haaland's Big Moment of Rage Video 2023/12/04
Iconic Encounter: The Undertaker's Astonishing Gift to Quinn Ewers Video 2023/12/03
From the brink of defeat to a roaring triumph: Cowboys vs Seahawks Video 2023/12/02
A Triumph of Perseverance: The Texas Rangers are WORLD SERIES CHAMPS! Video 2023/11/03
NFL Sunday Frenzy: Dallas vs Philadelphia Video 2023/11/02
Unleashing a new Rated R Era: Adam Copeland is ALL ELITE! Video 2023/10/03
Dallas Crushes New England en route to California! Video 2023/10/02
From Alliance to Fallout: Tony Khan has fired CM Punk Video 2023/09/04
From Disappointment to Despair: Manchester United's Nightmarish Start Video 2023/09/04
From Promise to Reality: Rasmus Højlund Joins Manchester United Video 2023/08/04
Women's World Cup: Dark Horses That Can Steal the Show! Video 2023/08/01
Insane Wrestling Moment: Jim Cornette's Legendary Dairy Queen Meltdown Video 2023/07/04
Riddle me this: The mind-bending enigma unveiled Video 2023/07/04
The Lionel Messi Experiment: PSG's Disastrous Gamble Video 2023/06/02
Is Jordan Love the future of the Packers? Video 2023/05/01
The Texas Rangers first 3-0 start in over ten years Video 2023/04/03
SHOCKING Return: Nigel McGuinness is Back in ROH! Video 2023/04/02
Who Will Win at WrestleMania 39: The Beast or The Powerhouse? Video 2023/03/01
Breaking News: Le Graët Steps Down - What Will Happen to French Football? Video 2023/03/01
Resident Evil - The laser Video 2023/02/01
Marine Corps push-ups (Family Day) Video 2023/02/01
A Harry Potter perspective: Salazar Slytherin's Basilisk Video 2023/01/01
A bad day for Tottenham and Chelsea Video 2023/01/01
Germany OUT of the World Cup ???????????? Video 2022/12/01
Congratulations to Morocco! ????????? Video 2022/12/01
Ringside Chaos - Jeff Jarrett is ALL ELITE and welcome back, Colt Cabana! Video 2022/11/03
Ringside Chaos - Carl Knight, the Co-Owner and Promoter of Legacy TX Wrestling! Video 2022/11/01
Into The Net F.C. - Man United Still A Disgrace? Liverpool No Longer Top Tier? Is Arsenal For Real? Video 2022/10/03
Bear of Texas Psychology Vlog #4 - A Texas/New York Bonding Experience Video 2022/10/02
Real Madrid vs Atletico Madrid UCL Final! (FIFA 22) Video 2022/09/05
Into The Net F.C. - T Red Devils vs The Gunners (3-1) Video 2022/09/04
Mafia: Definitive Edition - Running Man Video 2022/08/01
Mafia: Definitive Edition - An Offer You Can't Refuse Video 2022/08/01
Raking Around The Diamond - Embarrassed By The Nationals But A Decent Series In Kansas City Video 2022/07/01
MLB: The Show 20 (Road To The Show) 6-30-22 Video 2022/07/01
Dead Island 2: Riptide Definitive Edition Walkthrough (Part 6) Video 2022/06/03
Raking Around The Diamond - 50 Games Into The Season Video 2022/06/02
Cowboys Talk - Cowboys Draft Recap and Reaction Video 2022/05/01
Into The Net F.C. - Will Carlo Ancelotti Ever Manage The Italian National Soccer Team? Video 2022/05/01
Into The Net F.C. - 2022 World Cup Draw Video 2022/04/02
Doom 3 Walkthrough Part 2 (Alpha Labs) Video 2022/04/01
Into The Net F.C. - Edouard Mendy Is The Best In The World Video 2022/03/03
Into The Net F.C. - Is This Year's World Cup The Last One For Hugo Lloris? Video 2022/03/03
Into The Net F.C. - Iran Has Qualified For The 2022 World Cup Video 2022/02/01
Into The Net F.C. - South Korea Has Qualified For The 2022 World Cup Video 2022/02/01
Cowboys Talk - Another Repugnant, Repulsive, and DISGRACEFUL Loss For The Cowboys Video 2022/01/02
Cowboys Talk - A Tribute to Dan Reeves Video 2022/01/01
Cowboys Talk - Dallas vs Washington Preview Video 2021/12/08
Cowboys Talk - Dallas vs New Orleans Recap Video 2021/12/02
Into The Net F.C. - Premier League Matchday 10 Recap Video 2021/11/01
Cowboys Talk - Cowboys vs Vikings Recap Video 2021/11/01
Cowboys Talk - Cowboys vs Panthers Recap Video 2021/10/03
Cowboys Talk - Cowboys vs Panthers Preview Video 2021/10/01
Into The Net F.C. - Eduardo Camavinga's Move To Real Madrid Video 2021/09/01
Into The Net F.C. - Antoine Griezmann's Return To Atlético Madrid Video 2021/09/01
Into The Net F.C. - United States vs Canada Recap (Women's Soccer) Video 2021/08/03
Into The Net F.C. - The United States Are Gold Cup Champions! Video 2021/08/02
Into The Net F.C. - What Now For L'Equipe de France? Video 2021/07/02
Into The Net F.C. - USMNT Gold Cup Squad Video 2021/07/02
Doom 3: Zombie wants out! Video 2021/06/05
Into The Net F.C. - Post-Champions League, Carlo Ancelotti's Return To Real Madrid, and Euro 2020 sq Video 2021/06/01
Into The Net F.C. - Will The Premier League's Top Six Clubs Be Punished? Video 2021/05/04
Cowboys Talk - Cowboys First-Round Discussion Video 2021/05/03
Cowboys Talk - Jimmy Johnson Video 2021/04/02
Into The Net F.C. - France's World Cup Qualifying Campaign Part 1 Video 2021/04/02
Rage Quit - Gotham's Most Wanted Video 2021/03/05
Rage Quit - Gotham's Most Wanted Video 2021/03/02
Into The Net F.C. - Premier League Week 22 Recap Video 2021/02/04
Into The Net F.C. - 2026 World Cup Host City Candidates Discussion Part 2 Video 2021/02/03
Cowboys Talk: It's All Over For Dallas Video 2021/01/03
Cowboys Talk: NFC East Speculation Video 2021/01/01
Cowboys Talk: Cowboys vs Ravens Preview Video 2020/12/06
Into The Net FC: Premier League Week 10/Remembering Diego Maradona Video 2020/12/01
Into The Net FC: Sir Alex Ferguson! Video 2020/11/04
Cowboys Talk: Cowboys vs Eagles Recap Video 2020/11/01
Into The Net FC: 2020/21 Champions League Group Stage Draw Video 2020/10/02
Cowboys Talk: Cowboys vs Browns Preview Video 2020/10/02
Cowboys Talk: Week 1 Discussion Video 2020/09/14
A Premier League Preview Video 2020/09/08
Into The F.C. Episode 3: The Final Four Of The Champions League Video 2020/08/18
Into The Net Episode 2: The Champions League Final Eight Video 2020/08/10
Into The Net F.C. - The Finish Of The Premier League Video 2020/07/28
Cowboys Talk Trailer (made with Spreaker) Video 2020/07/26
TBOTP- NFL Free Agency 2020 Video 2020/03/24
TBOTP The Poor Handling of the Astros' Sign-Stealing Scandal Video 2020/02/19
TBOTP Sports Talk 2/4/20 Video 2020/02/04
TBOTP Reviewing the Jason Garrett Era season-by-season! Video 2020/01/03
Manchester United Talk 1/2/2020 Video 2020/01/02
Manchester United, Premier League, and Soccer talk! Video 2019/12/27
TBOTP Dallas Cowboys and Corey Kluber Trade Talk 12/23/19 Video 2019/12/23