Laces or Faces

Release Date: 09-10-2018 19:13

Aaron Rodgers is superhuman and we decide if it's in part the prescription drugs the trainers gave him at halftime. Weather delays take center stage in the NFL on week one. Which fans had the worst weekend, the Bills, Steelers, or the Bears? Fitzmagic took us all by surprise and he doesn't care too much for the memes. The first ejection of the season for the new targeting rule is, of course, a Bengal. We decipher what the new green zone is on NBC Sunday Night Football as well as our thoughts on the new Carrie Underwood NFL theme song. New commentators for the year Bruce Arians, Jason Witten, and Chris Carter left quite an impression. We compare Beth Mowins and Doris Burke, and decide which commercials we will hate by the end of the season. Kirk Cousins application for You Vike That to the patent office. Dez Bryant trolling his way into our hearts and the most popular NFL players on twitter.