Laces or Faces

Release Date: 09-19-2018 20:34

Fitzmagic is still kicking but the trademark is now under rookie Minkah Fitzpatrick's entrepreneurial control. Big Ben Roethlisberger shares how to defeat the trolls on the internet. NFL ties are in but we figure out way to end them. We try to figure out the scoop and pull and or burping the quarterback with Clay Matthews. Take a deep dive into Vontae Davis' tweet back log to prove his hypocrisy for quitting. Shout out to Marquette King, Jimmy Graham and NFL fans lighting up twitter threads this week. The return of stuff announcers say featuring Jason Witten, Rich Gannon and Chris Myers. We thank the internet and get on our soapbox about the recent findings with Ticketmaster working with bots and scalpers to sell more tickets in their "verified" resale market place. Also we propose more Atlanta based artists that need to be at the halftime show rather than Maroon 5 and of course we try to track down Jeff Fisher.