House of Hockey Podcast

Release Date: 09-27-2021 17:00

Breezy and Rae Rae discuss their hot takes after a week of NHL Training Camp and reveal the 2 teams that will surprise us this season. Jack Eichel is stripped of his captain role with the Buffalo Sabres which has the ladies asking, does a hockey team really need a captain? Plus, which is more fun to watch, a hockey game with no goals or games with multiple goals? Plus, Rae reveals which mascot she envies and Breezy previews her trip to Nashville.   Download the DraftKings app   Promo code: THPN  Shop our brand new merchandise store   Follow us on social media:   Have an “unexplained things” or interaction with an NHL Player story? We’d love to hear it and air it on the podcast. Call our Phone Number ?(323) 438-2648? State your name Tell the story in 5 minutes or less