Laces or Faces

Release Date: 09-24-2018 20:12

We may be seeing signs of Fitzmagic turn to Fitztragic as we watch the Buccaneers, Steelers game live. We encourage fans not to bet this early in the season unless you don't care about money or upsets. The NFL has become soft and poor Clay Matthews can't win with almost 12 roughing the passer calls each week we might just boycott. We find out how many ACL tears have happened so far and we want to know where is Roger Goodell? We find our #BillsMafia fan of the week and try to understand their upset of the Vikings. We dig into if the Cardinals tried to take a page out of the Browns playbook and make a star out of Josh Rosen when it wasn't necessary. Woodie learns how Patrick Mahomes is cheating with his photographic mind and we again nod to how nice of a guy Andrew Luck his with hailmary gate. More announcer oddities, 3 NFL questions with Adam Sandler and of course Jeff Fisher.