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Release Date: 11-01-2021 12:00

Welcome to the Pro Sports Podcasters Podcast! NEW WEBSITE !!! ( -Nii and Justen speak with one of the greatest picthers in Women's Softball Cat Osterman. -She talks about her development as a World Class Softball pitcher, what her plans are next, and where she sees Women's Softball going in the future. -This episode is brought to you by New Smile Canada! Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter on our website to qualify for the Teeth Whitening Solutions Giveaway! Also if you are interested in having your teeth realigned? Head on over to their website and use the code prosports to get $150 off one of their Teeth Aligning Kits! ( LINKS -Place your bets on the SPORTS INTERACTION BETTING WEBSITE! For a fantastic sign up bonus use this link - ( ( ( http://www// (http://www// ( #NoSportLeftBehind #prosportspodcasters Intro music by Dave Misener Audio mastered by Corbert de Ronde Support this podcast