The Rookie Contract

Release Date: 11-03-2021 08:41

This episode features a BRAND NEW side series, Lessons From the Pros, along with our regular guests (recent college grads and young professionals) where we will be hearing from people that have been in the biz longer than 5 years and are willing to share their own words of wisdom for those starting out in the sports industry.


In this episode we hear from Calee Williams, associate HR business partner at the Dallas Mavericks. Calee recalls everything that she has endured throughout her journey so far, including the monotonous grind of selling yourself, starting in the thick of the industry doing the "grunt work", and being able to fulfill more heightened response on personal connections over dollar signs. Calee has a plethora of accomplishments which she shares in this episode, to provide more insight into her journey and how it can help others reach their own goals whether in sales or any other area.

We hope you take away something from this episode and realize that we all are on our own paths, but we each have a similar goal and that is to be in sports. 

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