House of Hockey Podcast

Release Date: 12-13-2021 16:00

Breezy and Rae Rae chat with hockey winger Sean “The Sheriff” McMorrow, originally selected by the NHL Buffalo Sabres in 2000 and currently playing semi-professionally for the Jonquiere Marquis of the LNAH which is known for its fighting.  Sean discusses his time playing in the AHL, NHL, LNAH, and with the Belfast Giants. He is a fan favorite and was named “Man of the Year” three different times over his AHL career. Behind the scenes a five year investigation eventually flipped Sean’s world upside down. Hear his story and his love for hockey in this episode. The Sheriff is a motivational speaker and host of The Sheriff Podcast interviewing the likes of Don Cherry, Georges Laraque, Shayne Corson, Mike Commodore and more. Download the DraftKings app   Promo code: THPN  Shop our brand new merchandise store   Follow us on social media:   Follow the Guest:  Have an “unexplained things” or interaction with an NHL Player story? We’d love to hear it and air it on the podcast. Call our Phone Number ?(323) 438-2648? State your name Tell the story in 5 minutes or less