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Release Date: 02-03-2022 05:30

Welcome to the Pro Sports Podcasters Podcast! NEW WEBSITE !!! ( BONUS EPISODE -Our host Corbert de Ronde ranks the UFC Strike NFTs everyone was hoping to get, the Champions! -Every Champion tier UFC Strike NFT will be worth $1000 at the very least, but around half of them will be worth much more. Cobe takes you from number 10 on the UFC Strike NFT Champion Rankings to number 1. -He also explains fills you in on what could be the most valuable NFT in the long run, and which NFT has the most uncertainty. LINKS - Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter on our website to qualify for our sponsor Giveaways! Also if you are interested in having your teeth realigned? Head on over to the New Smile Canada website and use the code prosports to get $150 off one of their Teeth Aligning Kits! ( -Place your bets on the SPORTS INTERACTION BETTING WEBSITE! For a fantastic sign up bonus use this link - ( ( ( http://www// (http://www// ( #NoSportLeftBehind