The Rookie Contract

Release Date: 06-28-2022 02:30

This week's episode features Mary Edman, the current corporate fulfillment specialist at San Jose Barracuda, the AHL affiliate of the San Jose Sharks. Edman is a woman who is the epitome of staying focused on the goal but being open to any possibility out there. Starting her career as a collegiate tennis player at Colorado College and then later getting her MBA at the University of Oregon, this woman enjoys stimulating and exciting work and sports have been that for her. 

Mary discusses the journey she's had from playing tennis at a small liberal arts school, to graduating during a pandemic and figuring out the next steps in her career, moving back home + realizing her purpose, & MUCH MORE!

Thank you again to Mary for taking the time to discuss more of her non-linear journey in sports and as she continues to make her mark and one day, maybe even the majors. 

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Music: Synapse by Shane Ivers