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Release Date: 10-03-2022 12:00

Welcome to the Pro Sports Podcasters Podcast! NEW WEBSITE !!! ( DISCORD !!! ( -Corbert de Ronde (Cobe) chats with a few of the PSP Insiders on the NFL All Day platform about what their strategy is now that NFL All Day Series 2 has started to release. -Ryan Crawford (bmorefocusraver) and Kenny Koonge (Yeah_Buddy_8421) are serious Collectors of NFL All Day. All three of us have made subtle adjustments to our strategies going forward as a result of not only Series 2 but also the implementation of the Challenge Playbook and Own the Moment Rumble. -NFL All Day appeals to Sports Collectors, Fantasy Football Competitors, and NFT Investors. How you approach the platform is greatly determined by why you joined it. In this episode we take a look at what the future of NFL All Day could look like. LINKS - Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter on our website to qualify for our sponsor Giveaways! -Place your bets on the SPORTS INTERACTION BETTING WEBSITE! For a fantastic sign up bonus use this link - ( ( ( http://www// (http://www// #NoSportLeftBehind #prosportspodcasters Intro music by Dave Misener