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Release Date: 10-06-2022 12:00

Welcome to the Pro Sports Podcasters Podcast! NEW WEBSITE !!! ( DISCORD !!! ( -Nii Wallace-Bruce and Justen Williams chat with professional Skeleton athlete Grace Dafoe. -Grace explains what actually lead her to pursue the sport of Skeleton professionally, and what's required to compete at the highest level.. -She also fills us in on some of the lesser known aspects of the sport, and talks a little bit about what her goals are after competition is over. LINKS - Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter on our website to qualify for our sponsor Giveaways! -Place your bets on the SPORTS INTERACTION BETTING WEBSITE! For a fantastic sign up bonus use this link - ( ( ( http://www// (http://www// #NoSportLeftBehind #prosportspodcasters Intro music by Dave Misener