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Release Date: 11-03-2022 12:00

Welcome to the Pro Sports Podcasters Podcast! NEW WEBSITE !!! ( DISCORD !!! ( -Corbert de Ronde (Cobe) and a couple of the PSP Insiders discussSorare NBA roster strategy. -Terry Harrison (Terryh) and Noam Torenberg (NoamTor) are serious Collectors of Sports NFTs. All three of us have bought into the Sorare NBA NFT platform, and are actively competing to win valuable NFTs. -As dedicated Sports Fans and active sports gamblers we each have our own unique strategies to win at Sorare NBA. Some of our techniques are similar to most but there are a few that may surprise you! LINKS - Be sure to sign up for our Newsletter on our website to qualify for our sponsor Giveaways! -Place your bets on the SPORTS INTERACTION BETTING WEBSITE! For a fantastic sign up bonus use this link - ( ( http://www// (http://www// #NoSportLeftBehind #prosportspodcasters Intro music by Dave Misener