The Daily Dribble

Release Date: 02-09-2023 18:34

The NBA landscape has officially been altered once again with trade deadline pandemonium running wild... From Kyrie heading to Dallas, through to the Suns acquiring KD. This Trade period has had it all.

On this weeks show, the full squad returned to break down everything surrounding these blockbuster trades. From implications for both teams, through to who's got the brighter future... no stone was left unturned.

We also tackled all the notable news from throughout the week. These included chef Curry getting burnt in the kitchen, causing some nervy moments for Warriors fans. As well as Jaylen Brown being set for a sideline stint.

The playoffs and now well and truly on the horizon as we begin to enter the final third of the season. Therefore, it's crucial that you continue to stay up to date with all of our socials for when the latest news breaks from around the league (whilst you're there, be sure to subscribe wherever you listen to the show, so as to never miss another episode).<sid=9ef6c3a2-4966-4faa-9e81-f248d5647705