Laces or Faces

Release Date: 07-17-2019 00:23

This episode we will break down our preview of the upcoming seasons of all or nothing featuring the Carolina Panthers

React to the reactions of all these butt hurt NFL players over their madden ratings

Play this team, that movie and decide which teams are Characters in the Lion King (shout out Nala was a babe)

And we tell you how you too can grow your own Lambeau field right in your back yard

All or Nothing Preview

We gotta talk about Cam’s mini bike… what if he fell off that bike and that started the shoulder stuff? 

How much does cams barber make? And how disrespected is he over the post game hats?

The hourglass is getting real low for even greg… dang that got real (side note greg is tentatively slated to do the fox broadcast during the bye week 7 between cardinals and giants) So Fox has the jump on him next year. But I would love to see more players do this. Also bring back pat mcafee please

I want to see Luke kuechly with a beard

I like that he can use an xbox controller for tape which really speaks to the league making studying tape more accessible for the players. V millennial ands progressive. I’m just imagining Bill Belichick using a nintendo switch to watch tape before going to bed at night

Christian Mccaffery’s old people joke…

The sheer amount of catered meat in the room during this is beautiful. Talk about gains and protein. Also pretty sure it was Chipotle

Anyways madden is upon us and so is the backlash

What teams are the Characters in the Lion King?

Simba - Browns

Nala - Rams

Mufasa - Pats

Scar - Raiders

Timon - Jags

Pumbaa - Colts

Zazu - Cowboys

Rafiki - Giants

Hyenas - Days of Our Steelers

Packers 100th Birthday Party

Another thing the Packers will do is give away Lambeau Field seed packets which are the same seeds that grow grass at Lambeau Field. The 5,000 fans will receive the seed packets and one in every 50 packets will be autographed 

Check back with us next week and we will discuss our reactions to All or Nothing: Carolina Panthers.

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