House of Hockey Podcast

Release Date: 11-07-2023 16:35

On this episode of the "House of Hockey" Podcast, Breezy and Rae discuss the two extremes happening in the Pacific Division with the last place San Jose Sharks still without a win and the Vegas Golden Knights without a loss.

With the tragic loss of pro hockey player Adam Johnson, players are now wearing neck guards which raises the question of whether it should be mandatory. Plus, the first member of an NHL bench, Seattle Kraken trainer Justin Rogers, comes out as a gay man. 

Other topics include:

  • how to make a proper sandwich

  • rating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches

  • the Certified ESA Wally Gator’s inability to bite

  • throwing bras for hat tricks

  • why hockey players have to pick up their teeth if they are knocked out on the ice

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