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Release Date: 02-12-2024 00:30

Welcome to episode 135 of Sports Management Podcast.

Nancy Hensley is a founding member of Mercury/13 - a pure play investor into women’s football. Nancy has a solid background in tech and has worked at companies like McDonalds and IBM. With her extensive background, she is bringing a lot of knowledge and experience to Mercury/13. She is also an avid advocate for transformative change in the sports arena.

We spoke about:

  • The reason behind the name "Mercury/13"
  • Nancy's learnings from 2 decades at IBM
  • Her very first job
  • AI and data in sports
  • Women and STEM studies
  • Women's football 

And much more!



00:00 Intro 
01:36 Mercury/13 
03:20 Using Tech at Mercury/13 
04:15 Data & AI Can Optimize Women's Sports
10:41 Mercury/13's Diligence Approach 
13:28 Can Analytics Go Too Far?
14:43 Sports Betting 
16:37 The Name "Mercury/13"
19:32 The Business of Women's Football 
22:03 Commercial Opportunities
27:30 Nancy's First Job
32:00 Getting Women Into STEM 
37:05 Bumps On the Road
39:02 Outro


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