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Release Date: 03-01-2024 20:00

We're back with another episode of F-R Racing's Garage Talk! We're excited to announce that today our friend Andy Amendola has released a new book in the  @redracerbooks9661  series, "The ABC's of IndyCar Racing". We talk a little bit about the book and our involvement in the writing of the book. We'll save the bulk of this discussion for when Andy appears on the show in a few weeks! Check out redracerbooks.com starting today to order your copy! We move on and discuss the wild finish to the NASCAR Cup Series Race in Atlanta over the weekend with the three-wide finish and how awesome Daniel Suarez's big run on the last lap to set himself up for that win. Finally, we discuss the Indy Racing World Series and Wednesday Night Dash visiting the famous Indianapolis Motor Speedway oval back-to-back nights. Erik actually did not plan this, the schedules just lined up this way. We discuss how fuel strategy played into the top 3 of the IndyCar race and how D.J.'s strong restart in the second half of Wednesday Night Dash led to a top 5 finish.


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