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Release Date: 03-26-2024 03:00

On this episode of the "House of Hockey" Podcast, Rae and her guest, Frank Longo discuss the future of hockey for men and women. Frank is a scout for the Kenai River Brown Bears in the North American Hockey League and he’s also Owner of Gremlin Goaltending. Prior to that he worked as assistant coach & goalie scout for the varsity women’s hockey program at Nipissing University (OUA-U SPORTS.)

They discuss the NHL’s tandem goalie system, when it works and when it doesn’t. Frank shares his perspective on what sets long time goalies like Marc-Andre Fleury and Jonathan Quick apart from the others. Looking to the fast pace of the game, they discuss the different development systems across the World and highlight the big changes USA has made to improve and become a leader in pro hockey. 

Frank shares what he looks for in a prospective player both on and off the ice and why finding goalie is becoming harder. They also talk about the PWHL and the success of the league. 

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