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Release Date: 04-06-2024 18:00

In a PSP first, we interview two guests at the same time. Get ready for blockbuster chat as Nii Wallace-Bruce interviews One Championship commentator, Gianni Subba, and chef to the MMA fighters, Ian Larios. Gianni and Ian have opened The Block on the island of Bali, Indonesia.

We discussed:

  • Gianni's journey as a fighter and also as commentator, taking him to many corners of the world.
  • Chef Ian's journey to becoming a nutritional coach and chef to some of your favourite fighters.
  • The Block in Bali - A revolutionary experience to train, eat and live like a pro fighter. This includes the signature meals that have been cooked for fighters in the past.
  • Plans for One Championship in Australia and in North America.
  • How fighters can do a better job of making weight, in the lead up to fights.

The Block Bali

Chef Ian Larios:

Instagram - Ian Larios

Twitter - Ian Larios

Gianni Subba

One Championship


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