The Daily Dribble

Release Date: 04-13-2024 23:00

This is officially the last stop before postseason basketball arrives, and the energy is electric to say the least.

On this weeks show, Nic took the opportunity to give his predictions for the upcoming Playin matchups... Which was easy said than done, given most teams still have around 2 games to go in the regular season, which could greatly impact their standings for these matchups.

We also looked at some of the notable talking points from throughout the week, including the rise of a potential new dynasty within the league.

It's now only a matter of days until postseason basketball is here. So, to keep up to date with all of the action from the playoffs, it is crucial you follow all of our socials via the link below.<sid=66447225-8115-4fcc-b251-932344aec3a9