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Release Date: 04-15-2024 00:30

Welcome to episode 144 of Sports Management Podcast.

Åsa Edlund Jönsson is the Secretary General of the Swedish Olympic Committee. She has a long background from journalism and media. She worked for Swedish Television SVT for over 2 decades, and the last 6 years as Head of Sports.

Åsa is a true trailblazer. She was the first female head of sport at SVT and also the first woman to commentate men’s ice hockey live on Swedish TV.

In this episode, we spoke about:

  • Reaching a gender equal sport coverage
  • Losing the bid for the 2030 Winter Olympics
  • The Swedish Olympic Committee’s stance on Individual Neutral Athletes from Russia and Belarus
  • Sustainability and mega events

And much more!



00:00 Intro 
01:18 Swedish Olympic Committee
04:35 Bidding for Winter Olympics 2030
10:23 Sustainability & Mega Events 
11:45 Paris 2024 Olympics
13:35 Individual Neutral Athletes
17:45 Åsa's background
19:20 First Female Hockey Commentator
26:05 Head of Sport at SVT
38:39 Promoting Gender Equality in Sports Coverage
44:50 Outro


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