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Release Date: 04-30-2024 03:00

On this episode of the "House of Hockey" Podcast, Rae and her guest co-host Alma Laura, dive deep into the latest NHL news, PWHL news and share candid opinions on the hottest topics in the hockey world. Alma is a previous guest of the podcast, friend and fan of the LA Kings and Timo Meier. 

First up, it's Round 1 of the playoffs, the NY Rangers' stunning sweep of the Washington Capitals has everyone talking, especially with Ovechkin's struggles under the spotlight. 

Meanwhile, the mystery of William Nylander's absence from the Toronto Maple Leafs lineup has fans scratching their heads. Plus, Joe Bowen's bold statements about Leaf's fans spark a fiery debate about the state of the fan base. But wait, there's more! Rae and Alma tackle the controversial moment of Max Domi's shot at Boston Bruins goalie Jeremy Swayman during a commercial break. Is this fair game or crossing the line?

Speaking of moves, the former Arizona Coyotes' exploration of their new Utah facilities has fans buzzing with excitement – but how do Rae and Alma feel about the relocation? And what's the deal with Cutter Gauthier's move to the Ducks? Will he fail or succeed there?

Catch up on all the latest PWHL action including center ice logos, banners being raised and the countdown to playoff intensity. 

And of course, don't miss out on the juiciest social media moments, from behind-the-scenes Amazon NHL series footage to a beer-drinking catfish sensation.

Tune in now and join the conversation.

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