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Release Date: 06-17-2024 00:30

Welcome to episode 153 of Sports Management Podcast.

Matt Farrell is a Sports Marketing Consultant, founder of Farrell Sports and  the CEO of Bat Around. Matt is a seasoned sport professional with experiences from the US Olympic Committee, USA Swimming and more. Despite being in his mid-50’s he is currently staying up to date on trends in the sports industry and gives back to the younger generation through his TikTok videos and recently launched podcast.

We spoke about:

  • How he got his first job in sports
  • Why being cut from the baseball team was the best thing that ever happened to him
  • The importance of internships
  • If GPA is even important
  • Working for USA Swimming during the Michael Phelps era, but also at the time of heavy criticism due to sexual abuse cases
  • Matt’s best advice for young people in sports

And much more!



00:00 Intro
01:39 Farrell Sports
05:06 Bat Around Concept
08:13 Experience at USA Swimming
14:13 Social Media and Industry Knowledge
19:46 Advice for Young Professionals
28:42 Mentorship and Networking
42:20 Future of Emerging Sports
44:00 Outro


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