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Release Date: 06-24-2024 00:30

Welcome to episode 154 of Sports Management Podcast.

Heidi Pellerano is the Chief Commercial Officer, CONCACAF. 
CONCACAF is The Confederation of North, Central America and Caribbean Association Football and is one of FIFA’s six continental confederations, servicing 41 Member Associations. Heidi is an engineer, without a traditional football background, but managed to take an executive role within the sport. 

We spoke about:

  • Only working in male dominated industries
  • Why you need a boxer mentality
  • The structure of CONCACAF
  • How CONCACAF is working towards World Cup 2026
  • Her work for diversity
  • How she invests in her knowledge 

And much more!




00:00 Intro
01:30 What is CONCACAF Overview
03:07 World Cup 2026 and Market Dynamics
07:16 Partnerships and Commercial Strategy
09:03 Growth and Development of Football in the Region
13:38 Women's Football and Diversity
24:08 Unity and Inclusivity in CONCACAF
32:59 Having a Boxer Mentality
41:06 Continuous Learning and Curiosity
48:56 Advice for Aspiring Sports Professionals
52:42 Outro


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