SOT6 Podcast - Episode 51

Originally Posted At: South of the 6ix

By: Adam Corsair

Updated: Mar 27, 2018

South of the 6ix

SOT6 Podcast - Episode 51

South of the 6ix

Release Date: Mar 27, 2018

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Weekly Toronto Raptors Review/Preview
  • The Raptors have seemingly hit a lull in their amazing season, yet still find themselves at the top of the Eastern Conference. With a decent lead over the Boston Celtics and a more than decent lead over the Cleveland Cavaliers, there's really no reason for fans to hit the panic button. However, we'd be fooling ourselves if we didn't at least address the woes that the team is experiencing, but will more than likely overcome. We're going to do that on this episode.
  • Join host Adam Corsair and special guest Marshall Auerback as they discuss all the recent issues and highlights surrounding the Raptors. Marshall and Adam talk about the perception from the American media as a result of the devastating losses at the hands of the Thunder and Cavs, who we'd ideally like to face in the first round of the playoffs, which player needs to have a solid end to the regular season to carry into the playoffs, predicting the games this week, and so much more!
It's a Raptors show that you won't want to miss! Follow Marshall on Twitter: @Mauerback Visit Marshall's work HERE Music: Anitek - "Pipes" Drake Stafford - "Casets" Auxl Studio - "Blue Bloods"

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This article was originally posted on South of the 6ix on March 26, 2018 6:47 pm

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Adam Corsair covers the Jays and Raptors from the perspective of someone that lives south of the Canadian border. That's right, a person from the States is a die-hard fan of Canada's only professional baseball and basketball teams.

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