Shoot The Defence

Release Date: 05-13-2020 21:00

Barrow manager Ian Evatt is our guest this week as we discuss his rise from Derby's youth academy from the age of 10 to being Blackpool's player of the season in their only Premier League campaign. Ian shares memories of his spell at Derby, playing alongside the likes of Fabrizio Ravanelli, Kinkladze, Eranio, under the tutelage of Jim Smith. Ian talks openly about the difficulties settling in at QPR and the club's image during the Padalini regime, followed by some incredible stories of promotions and glory at Blackpool. In closing, we discuss the Barrow's situation as the club led England's fifth tier by four points with nine games to play before it was halted on 16 March. Ian explains the financial implications non promotion will bring and how the Premier League's decision on how their season will be concluded may affect Barrow's fortunes.