House of Hockey Podcast

Release Date: 06-09-2020 01:48

Breezy and Rae Rae let the good times roll and learn about hockey in New Orleans or rather, lack of hockey. Corey Fleetwood AKA Bayou Benders joins them to talk about his mission to revive hockey in The Big Easy, the history of hockey in Louisiana and how he survives without having any hockey in New Orleans. Corey is also the co-host of the Montreal Canadiens Podcast “Habs Nightly” on The Hockey Podcast Network.

Have a story of interacting with an NHL Player past or present? We’d love to hear it and air it on the podcast. Call our Phone Number ‪(323) 438-2648‬ State your name State the NHL player/team the story is about. Tell the story in 5 minutes or less

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