Two Foot Talk

Release Date: 08-12-2020 23:29

This week YL and Bond go through the Champions League matches and results. We record during the Atalanta v PSG match just to make it interesting.(13:24) Then Tweeder gives us CHIT Picks for the quarter finals of the Champions League, and a Europa League matchup for all your gambling needs. YL brings us his Random Sh*t next going through all the new transfers, Bournemouth fall out, Sancho drama, and more. We also have another Mourinho quote from this week, Ronaldo's sister goes off again, Valencia are imploding, Juventus's managerial changes, and much much more. Its all here on #TFT ! OUR SHOP IS BACK! Music by: Prince Prodigy (@only_prodo) SPONSOR: Clarity Finances - Starting a new business?Need help creating a budget? Managing a new business's finances? Finding the best way to do your taxes? Need a QuickBooks Specialist? Maybe you just want to find a way to help your business save money. Clarity Finances is who you want to call with multiple certifications, and QuickBooks expertise Julie covers all businesses across the globe with financial healing. Make sure to reach out for a free consultation when you mention TwoFootTalk. Check out her website for the number to call. HERES THE KICKER PEOPLE ITS A FREE CALL! Mention TwoFootTalk to get your free call to jump start your business. Check out Clarity Finances and Julie the financial healer.