Stadium Scene TV's Main Event

Release Date: 11-11-2020 03:00

Kate is wearing the same shirt she wore in last week's episode, but you wouldn't know that unless you checked out the video on our YouTube channel!  Ok, it's because we filmed this episode ten minutes after last week's episode...  Kate and D.J. are joined by Ryane Dunne of One and Dunne Radio.  Ryan lives in Georgia and is originally from Michigan.  He kicks off the show by explaining why he shows up to the episode in an Indianapolis Colts hat.  

Ryan's love for sports media turned into his show and a podcast.  He loves to chat with guests and bring on sports writers across the country.  He's recently talked to Bob Ryan, the legendary writer from the Boston Globe and ESPN!    Ryan finishes off by giving his advice to anyone that may be struggling with listener count.  Check it out!  

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