House of Hockey Podcast

Release Date: 05-10-2021 17:00

Breezy and Rae Rae talk to the Edmonton Oilers TV Reporter and Digital Content Producer Tony Brar. He shares his inspiring story of leaving a business job to pursue his passion for hockey and TV. Tony will also discuss why Connor McDavid is an incredible player on and off the ice, his compelling interactions with Alex Chaisson, and more! Breezy and Rae discuss the New York Rangers and Washington Capitals drama, TJ Oshie’s special hat trick and a potential UFO sighting. Download the DraftKings app   Promo code: THPN  Shop our brand new merchandise store   Follow us on social media:   Follow the Guest: Have a story of interacting with an NHL Player past or present? We’d love to hear it and air it on the podcast. Call our Phone Number ?(323) 438-2648? State your name State the NHL player/team the story is about.  Tell the story in 5 minutes or less